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Fine art photographer Valerii Tkachenko




Focusing on contemporary fine art photography including street photography and black and white photos of human and urban landscapes, Valerii Tkachenko captures real life in action eliciting an emotional response from those who enjoy his work.

Valerii Tkachenko specializes in contemporary fine art photography that captures historical moments of common life. His works focuses on street and action photography as well as black and white images that capture human subjects and urban landscapes. Tkachenko aims to elicit an emotional response in those who view his work.

Fine art photography is created according to the artist’s vision and tells a story through photographs. There is no one set and universally accepted definition of fine art, which can be as diverse as the taste in art by people across all cultures. Tkachenko’s work stands in sharp contrast to the representing photography and commercial photography of today. His work is simple yet elegant, and has a classic look that appears rich in light and color.

Tkachenko is well known for his street photography, which captures the ebb and flow of people, urban landscapes, and architectural icons as well as the contrast of differences and similarities found between cities. He showcases the human condition within public spaces. Because of his use of flash and bright and vivid colors while photographing the everyday life of people, his work is unique. Tkachenko aims to capture the emotions and history of people against the backdrop of rough street views and the things that often go unnoticed in urban settings. He believes that the energy of a place and its emotional, spiritual vibrations are important for a place to be captured authentically.

“I enjoy all types of photography but landscapes and portraits are my favorites and are the most challenging and rewarding to capture,” says Tkachenko. “The most important aspect of photography is the connection the artist feels to the person or place in the photograph and their ability to bring this sense of connection and emotion to the audiences who views their work.”

Tkachenko, who resides in Kiev, Ukraine, has admired and been inspired by the works of some of the best classic photographers like Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz and a Chinese artist Dong Hong-Oai. Similar to Dong Hong-Oai, Tkachenko also enjoys experimenting with traditional Chinese style incorporating calligraphy and depicting an ancient style in modern, urban photographs.

“I am driven to artistically document the historical aspects of life and want others to feel the same emotions seeing the pictures that I feel while capturing the images,” adds Tkachenko. “Through my pictures, I depict the modern and urban world and tend to show them as if they existed outside the time. I want to bring the historical aspects of the common life in focus through my work.”

Framing and timing are key aspects of Tkachenko’s craft, creating images at a decisive or poignant moment. Tkachenko aims to express his perceptions and emotions and share them with others so that they feel the same way. He aims to elicit emotions that exercise the mind and imagination of the observers. To view his work, visit ValeriiTkachenkoPhoto.