Travel photography – Ancient equestrian jousts Florence

Travel photography – Ancient equestrian jousts Florence. Dating back in history  to:XIV, XV and XVI centuries, Giostra?”‘;, Giglio and Giostra di Madonna Liberto are ancient equestrian jousts that have survived the test of time in Florence.

Such equestrian jousting tournaments take  traditionally place every year in June in Piazza Santa Croce, one of Florence’s most famous squares that witnesses also the historic sporting battle of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino.

Each joust is made into an  extraordinary parade of the Corteo Storico de/la Repubblica Fiorentino where brightly costumed dignitaries on horseback, trumpet fanfares, marching drums and flag-throwers march in the heart of Florence and gather in the arena of Santa Croce before the games begin.

There are four teams made up of equal number  of riders, and each band represents one of the four historical quarters of Florence: the Compagnia Azzurra for Santa Croce (Blues), the Compagnia Rossa for Santa Maria Novella (Reds), the Compagnia Bianca for Santo Spirito (Whites) and the Compagnia Verde for San Giovanni (Greens).

The rules  of the tournament are easy to understand and yet worded in such a way as to guarantee a long-lasting suspense.

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