Contemporary travel photography Amsterdam -the capital of the Netherlands, is famous for its coffee shops, red lights, and canals. Founded in 1275 (supposedly by two fisherman and their dog), the city grew in importance and wealth over the centuries as Dutch colonies were set up around the world. Companies like the Dutch East India Company (VOC) began transferring wealth to the city. Many travelers tend to frequent the coffee shops or wander the red light district. The city features amazing art museums, beautiful parks, and wonderful cafes. This city is by far one of the most beautiful in the world. There’s nothing like cruising around the canals on a sunny day or lying in Vondelpark reading a book! I used to live in Amsterdam, and I can tell you the best of Amsterdam is found outside the city center in the smaller neighborhoods with their canal-side cafes.

A person’s character is represented very broadly in the contemporary fine art travel photography, because it is no wonder that in the first place, we are interested in ourselves. A human being is the most favorite object of shooter for the majority of photographic artists. That is no secret that initially, we always try to search and recognize ourselves in other people.

Summer landscape Ukraine


In this world, almost all the people love nature beauty and enjoy the beautiful sights of nature in many ways. So they also love the nature photos which capture spirit of nature things. We know that there are a number of beautiful and attractive landscapes and surroundings in all over the world. Not all the things of nature are known to all the people so photographs make the photos of all these things.

If you have ever gone to the bookstore & admired some breathtaking photos of nature in the calendar, magazines or in other publications then you may have been a little bit jealous that these photos have wonderful scenes and captured in a perfect way. By capturing or taking nature photos; photographer makes simple things for the people who had not the chance to see the amazing things of nature. With the help of nature photographs, one can be wherever and can see any real thing. Sunsets, beaches, mountains, animals, lakes, waterfalls and flowers; these all are the parts of our wonderful world of nature. One can see these all nature things in the photos with the help of web world, where you can find many photo websites. On the web you can find millions of photos in high definition and number of resolutions. One can also use these nature photos wherever he or she wants to use. Nature photos really inspire the people as these are very wonderful and amazing because with the help of nature photos one can be entertaining or motivating at the same time. These photos bring deep feelings by looking them or imagining ourselves in those beautiful places. We should say thanks to the photographers or the internet, which share and capture the entire natural world in photos.

Taking perfect nature photo is not only pleasing, but also it is a challenging task. Anybody cannot take perfect nature photos if he or she has not special skills. So for taking perfect and great nature photos one should have special skills. An expert nature photographer utilizes his skills in finding aesthetic of natural things through camera lenses. To the people capturing the photos, this mixes the soul & pleases the sense. However the natural photos are captured from the real life but they also require some attention or other things which makes the photographs different and special for the people. The city landscape photography is well-liked form of the nature photography.

Travel photography – Ancient equestrian jousts Florence

Travel photography – Ancient equestrian jousts Florence. Dating back in history  to:XIV, XV and XVI centuries, Giostra?”‘;, Giglio and Giostra di Madonna Liberto are ancient equestrian jousts that have survived the test of time in Florence.

Such equestrian jousting tournaments take  traditionally place every year in June in Piazza Santa Croce, one of Florence’s most famous squares that witnesses also the historic sporting battle of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino.

Each joust is made into an  extraordinary parade of the Corteo Storico de/la Repubblica Fiorentino where brightly costumed dignitaries on horseback, trumpet fanfares, marching drums and flag-throwers march in the heart of Florence and gather in the arena of Santa Croce before the games begin.

There are four teams made up of equal number  of riders, and each band represents one of the four historical quarters of Florence: the Compagnia Azzurra for Santa Croce (Blues), the Compagnia Rossa for Santa Maria Novella (Reds), the Compagnia Bianca for Santo Spirito (Whites) and the Compagnia Verde for San Giovanni (Greens).

The rules  of the tournament are easy to understand and yet worded in such a way as to guarantee a long-lasting suspense.

A photographer is always a photo lover, and will go to any extent to showcase his talents. Conventional photography has transformed into a new technology where you can now display your impeccable photographs whether city landscape photography, nature landscape wallpaper, environmental portrait, travel photography, interior design photography, architecture photo on any photo hosting websites.

Fine art photography prints for sell  size: 40 x 30cm

Edition: 11

Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag (matt finish) or Fine Art Baryta (glossy finish)

Stamped, numbered and signed

Price: $150.00 including delivery

Fine art photography prints

is no longer display only technical site of the world, as well as events, which just happen there. It was generally recognized that photography is a special branch of art, which, as well as painting, has its own technique, peculiarities and approaches. And, the main thing, the art photography creates and embodies the special aura that is typical only to this art form.

It is the special creative spirit and the world, which was shaped by it, that allows us to say that the photography has those features, which are not usual for statuary arts, painting and the graphic arts. The photography is an open window to some special world, the world that only you have seen or the world that only you have managed to peep. The world, in which an art photographer has succeed to detect a little miracle and captured it with the help of his camera. The camera, dynamic, sharp-sighted and fast, allows us to catch and fix the special moment, which cannot be captured with any other tools.

To see, to fix and print it – here are the main tasks for a photographer. That is why the idea to sell photoprints online (fine art photography prints ) is very popular and respectable business. To share special miracle moments is a mission for those, who can catch and depict.

Fine art Photography prints for sale are able to change your house’s interior, they will add unique and inimitable style and pleasant coziness, will fill your house with special aura of aristocratism and honour.

Photographs allow you to share your emotions with people and change their mood according to your wish. Fine art photography prints for sale is the best way to make your house inimitable, vivid and interesting without spending a lot of money.

Our site will help you to find unique photographs that create this special air, mood and emotions. Such photographs usually are performed in New York, Paris and London art galleries, but now these fine art prints are available for sale online here. Idea to sell photography prints online is the best way that will help you to discover a special world and your home or office.

Photography and emotions

Ad infinitum idea our soul

Ad infinitum idea our soul

Emotions play very significant role in our lives. It is they, what define our mood and influence on our attitude to world around us.  Sometimes a small and positive emotion can radically change the individual’s emotions, make him or her feel happier and help to become more kind and better person.   If you try to surround you and your close ones with positive, bright and pleasant things, it will help you to create cozy air and stay in a good mood every day.

Classic as well as alternative art photography can perfectly pass on different emotions, just look through the most popular photography exhibitions of New York, London and Paris and you will understand everything. The mood, which was imprinted there, is not easily described with words. It is better to feel it by yourself. The halls, where serious photography is exhibited, emit respectability and aristocratic self-confidence. Light and merry exposures are always charged with laughter and smiles. Alternative process photography gallery surprises and stimulates mental processing.

If you want to radically change your home or office aura, very fine tool, as art photography, will help you to do this.  Our site performs only special photography that once was available only on photography galleries exhibition of New York, London and Paris. With the help of our site you have a possibility to get acquainted with masterpieces of art and even buy the one you liked in the comfort of your home. Dull and grey interior is no longer in fashion, on visiting our site you can make your home look like the one you have always been dreaming about. And, of course, obtain a lot of positive emotions. Smiles, laughter and joy, or serious restrained beauty, landscapes and portraits, avant-garde and classic art – we have everything. Choose, buy and change your world for the better.


Valerii Tkachenko Ukraine Contemporary mountains landscape

Mountain ranges are spectacular as you can often see snow-capped peaks against the skyline. From the top of a mountain, there are breathtaking views. Not much grows on mountains, as generally the terrain is rocky, but the air is often pure. However, the valleys  are more fertile.

Valerii Tkachenko Ukraine Contemporary mountains landscape

La Clusaz Grance


Mountains landscape

Winter wonderland in Alps mountains

Winter wonderland in Alps mountains

New year sells original limited edition prints

Photography “Winter wonderland in Alps mountains” (originally Kodachrome transparencies). Fine Large Exhibition Quality Pictures. (60 x 40 cm approx.) Mounted on Aluminum under a 6mm Acrylic glass. No frame is required and the limited edition picture appears to float off the wall. Price $599

Winter wonderland in Alps mountains

Winter wonderland in Alps mountains

Agora galleryV alerii



Winter wonderland in Alps mountains

Winter wonderland in Alps mountains