What does the contemporary art photography look like? It is very difficult to answer this question, since all genres are represented in New York, London and Paris contemporary art photography exhibitions. Here you may find landscapes, bright and full of color or, vice versa, monochromic, contrastive and austere. Cities, filled with daily life and traffic or mysterious, empty and lonely night streets. Still-life paintings, which astonish you with unexpected combination of things and meanings, animals, which are so adored by children, and, of course, people.

A person’s character is represented very broadly in the contemporary art photography, because it is no wonder that in the first place, we are interested in ourselves. A human being is the most favorite object of shooter for the majority of photographic artists. That is no secret that initially, we always try to search and recognize ourselves in other people.

Sizes, forms and lines, manner of photography execution, nature and character disclose the inner world of a person, involve into it and make us to empathize.

Through the alternative art photography we find our ways to other worlds, strange, grotesque and unusual. If we like the world, which was created by an artist, we want to stay there for a long time. If that world scares us or makes us feel uncomfortable, we want to escape it, but along with that we receive inimitable experience, mood and feelings. Photography can provoke, excite, rise up to the sky and throw you down. A photographer – is a creator of his or her own world, in which he can let into all those who wish to join it.

Art fair photography can plunge us into an authentic universe, which is comfortable and pleasant, frighten and warning, but we are the only ones, who decide to stay there or not.


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