New year sells original limited edition prints

Photography “Winter wonderland in Alps mountains” (originally Kodachrome transparencies). Fine Large Exhibition Quality Pictures. (60 x 40 cm approx.) Mounted on Aluminum under a 6mm Acrylic glass. No frame is required and the limited edition picture appears to float off the wall. Price $599

Winter wonderland in Alps mountains

Winter wonderland in Alps mountains

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Winter wonderland in Alps mountains

Winter wonderland in Alps mountains


Autumn interior accents 

As it was once said by F.S. Fitzgerald, life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

Fine art prints "Raining fall" in Paris

Fine art prints “Raining fall” in Paris

The changing of the seasons has always amazed and fascinated human since the beginning of time. Maybe, it is because this change reminds us about our own periods of lives: bright-green youth, golden-yellow maturity and snow-white old age. But, maybe, it is because of unusual capability of usual things to change together with a new season. There is no reason to deny that the changing of the seasons is a true magic that exists beyond human control. It is impossible to stop this process, the only thing we can do is to imprint it in poetry, music, photography…

Among all four seasons only the fall has special unexplained magnetism. The warmth of the autumn day attracts energetic admirers of summer heat. Melancholious, romantic people love dreaming near a window and enjoy music of the autumn rain. Creative individuals take their inspiration from autumn riot of color.

The fall, giving cities new yellow outfits, also inspires the creation of inimitable lines, charming music and, of course, splendid pictures, the reproductions of which could bring notes of autumn mystery to interior design.

Paris is a wonderful city! But its true beauty is released during autumn leaf fall!

Just take a good look into this picture! What do you see? Is it just a simple street of French capital? No, this is a whole story with a number of questions, which unfold against golden background. Who is the owner of this bicycle? Where is he or she now? Maybe, he or she is sitting somewhere in a café, drinks hot coffee, certainly with croissants, wrapping him or herself up in chequered coat. But, maybe, this mysterious stranger decided to pop into old book shop, which is situated on the opposite side of the street. He will definitely find an interesting and truly captivating book about love. Why about love? Because there is no other way for those, who are in the international capital of this big light feeling. And when the evening comes and the city covers with autumn rain, this unknown someone will plunge himself into world of just bayed book over a cup of mint tea.

Just look at this fall of yellowed leaves! It seems that it has just stopped raining. The scent of wet asphalt hangs in the air. Hanging drops of water on the twigs aim at falling on the passersby’s faces to make them shudder from unexpected cold touch.

Can you see – it is still possible to notice the green colours of the passing summer in the distance. Perhaps, this colourful confrontation of two seasons of the year holds a secret of this fascinating autumn beauty.

A wish to stroll down this sidewalk, covered with abscised leaves, will definitely appear in your heart, while looking at this picture. Under your feet, these leaves will sing their susurrant song, which plugs you into deep thoughts about the most treasured, a little bit sad, but, nevertheless, light memories.

Autumn pictures in the interior are beautiful and very useful!

Psychology of human makes us to decorate our houses and working places with accessories, which remind us about something personal and important. The picture with imprinted autumn landscapes on it will perfectly fit any interior. It will help to add the bright accents, which are so needed if you wish to add more colors to the grey everyday life.

Besides, the autumn pictures will provide not only esthetic pleasure, but they also powerful relaxing effect. Just imagine how it would be nice to come back home after long working day, see the yellow-red picture on the wall and dream about urban streets of Paris. To feel noticeably colder wind on your face. To inhale this special aroma of abscised leaves and wet asphalt after rain. It will help you to shake off exhaustion, which was massed during the day, and finally feel how beautiful the life is, especially, in the autumn.

These are the magic fine art prints, made by Valeriy Tkachenko. They will become the best accent of your interior!

Photogravure for True Art-Lovers!



Photogravure for True Art-Lovers!

Photogravure for True Art-Lovers!

affects us indirectly – not with a solid and striking impression like a picture, but with each of its elements separately. The gravure can be “read” only gradually, stroke by stroke, line by line. This lets the engraving use more limited means than painting does – thus, for example, color is rarely involved in the image of a gravure, it all comes down to a line, a spot, a tone. That is why there are conventions in the engraving, it is more figurative.
The comparative convention of the engraving becomes its main, fundamental element. It collects something significant, typical, it tends to generalize, and it demands rather understanding than feeling from a viewer. One could even say that the painting mostly depicts, the engraving rather expresses something. In addition, looking at such a famous monument to Hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky, the bell tower and the dome of St Sophia, every time one can see something different, invent, and, perhaps, rethink such a familiar image.
This is an amazing photo that captures the spirit of ancient times! It seems that this is the day in July 1888, when the monument had just appeared on the Sofia Square in Kiev, and it will only become one of the symbols of Kiev. By the way, it was built in honor of the 900th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus’.
One urban legend says that when the monument was already in its place, it turned out that the horse was turned to St. Michael’s Cathedral by its tail, and that was impolite. Therefore, the pedestal was deployed, and the hetman’s mace, which had been intended to threaten Poland, was directed somewhere to Sweden…
This is an extremely dynamic composition! One can feel it in the photoengrave as well. The moment when the rider stops his hot and reeking horse is quite symbolic: a courageous commander seems to stop his violent motion to point to the north-east for the people who gathered in the square (it was on the Sofia Square where on December 23, 1648 the people of Kiev met Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Cossack regiments after the victory at Pilyavtsi). The powerful taming of a horse, the resolutely raised right hand with a mace, the face turned to the people make one feel the invincible power of a strong personality.
It’s an amazing engraving made by a real master! It was created by Valeriy Tkachenko in the studio Stamperia d’Arte Edi-Grafica Firenze with the help of the unique equipment, produced in 1900, under the supervision of masters. Today this equipment belongs to the grandchildren of Filippo Becattini, who own this studio, and it is considered not only a family heirloom, but also the pride of their collection.
The photographs of the engraving are rare as well: there are twenty-two of them. Each work is signed and numbered, and it is needless to say that when becoming an element of interior space, such photo work will become its enviable decoration!
Valerii Tkachenko, from Kiev, Ukraine, specializes in contemporary fine art photography that captures historical moments of common life. His work includes human subjects and urban landscapes, and he focuses on street and action photography as well as black and white images. Tkachenko aims to elicit an emotional response in those who view his work. To see the gallery of his photos and keep updated on showings or schedule an appointment, please view ValeriiTkachenkoPhoto.

Amazing Nature in the Photographs by a Ukrainian Artist Valerii Tkachenko

An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography

An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography

We are living in a cramped, stuffy and monotonous urban anthill. Here everything is subject to relentless, accelerating pace of monotonous daily life. Thus, we begin to lose something important, connecting us with nature. And we forget how much inspiration and vitality it can give us…

Most of us are caught up by the circumstances and the eternal time pressure. We can see fantastic natural views so rarely! We begin to lose the value and understanding of our being as a part of nature, our involvement in the environment of our beautiful planet. And yet, as the classic said, if God created all these beauties, isn’t it all for people who should admire them?

Whatever it is, the modern pace of life does not allow us to draw inspiration and peace from the beauty of nature. We have no time to sit in the evening express, get out of the train on some small station and bring our thoughts and emotions in order staying in the woods for some time. We do not have time to even imagine such an adventure! And the less time we spend alone with nature, the more bland and tasteless life becomes, the less its voice resonates in our hearts. We are caught up in kind of modern urban samsara…

Inspiring photos will change it!

Silens in reflection

Lake Bled Slovenia

Of course, a man has built an anthill for himself, and it is ready to fall on its builder’s head. However, unlike the ant, people figured out how to keep the perfect safe forever and how to draw inspiration from memories of the most incredible and breathtaking scenery that will never fade.

People invented the photography at the beginning of the XIX century, but now it has reached the highest point of its development! Beautiful scenery, imprinted on the photographic paper, is the perfect proof of it! A skilled Ukrainian photographer Valerii Tkachenko really does perfect photos!

Whether it is a clear water surface of a beautiful Slovenian lake of Bled or interlacing of idyllic Tuscan hills, lost in a haze of light – in both cases, Valerii Tkachenko presented a range of unique experiences that a person sitting in the square and heartless office box is not able to feel himself.

But what happens if such glyphs of memory will appear in that box? What would people, clamped by the city from all sides, experience looking at the photos taken by Valeriy Tkachenko? They would feel a sense of freedom. Not physical freedom, of course, but a much higher freedom, the freedom of spirit and imagination! Just free your mind; therefore, we are able to come up with something new, even more incredible, than something that nature could prompt us. And, perhaps, looking at these detailed landscapes, we shall subconsciously find even more perfect way to keep our memories and share them with people.

Psychology tells us that our environment, everything what we see every day, gives a very serious impact on the working capacity and creative thinking. And the most recreative effect on the human psyche is performed by open landscapes: two photographs taken by Valeriy Tkachenko undoubtedly confirm this – they comprise all the fullness of space! It is achieved not only by the great skills of the photographer, but with the unique printing technology as well: the image is mounted into an aluminum base, which is then covered with a matte or glossy acrylic glass.

The spectator, who has these photographs, probably will feel the presence effect and the desire to hold a look at these pictures a little longer. It takes only a few minutes to dive into the magical world of these photos, and you will feel great relief from the burden of modern consant urban pressure. Perhaps in these landscapes, you can find a non-standard solution that will bring your business to the top? Who knows, maybe this is your door to a wonderland…

These photographs were exhibited in New York Agora Gallery, they are signed, numbered and certificated. There are only eleven of them, and just a small amount once again confirms that real art is unique.

These are just two small fragments of nature imprinted Valerii Tkachenko. To familiarize with the other pictures come to our website and and and American photographic artists   These works are quite small – the size of 100 x 75 cm – but the feeling that occurs during their contemplation is really great!

Dear Valerii,

RPS DIG Annual Members Projected Image Competition 2015

Congratulations! You had 2 images accepted into the Exhibition out of the 4 you entered. Your individual results are shown below.

The full results have now been published on the Exhibition website, at It contains details of all the accepted images together with the award-winning images.