Why is it so hard to define what Street Photography is about? Why do all attempts do describe this genre remain so oddly diffuse?  You may be able to operate your gear well, you may have done amazing macros, table-tops, architecture-shots and even portraits, you can and should read all of the following – and yet you may not have a frigging clue afterwards, what Street Photography is about. Because it is something very personal. Because you have to leave your shell. Because you have to – in some cases – expose yourself. Because you have to love people. Street Photography is about sympathy, not hate. It is about community, even if it pictures solitude. It can be ironic, but never offending. When you are taking street shots you are commenting, much like a journalist. And this gives you a good deal of responsibility.

Black and white Street Photography is easy. And it is difficult.

It is easy because you find your subjects virtually everywhere. You don’t need to go for the extraordinary. Far from it. The ordinary, everyday-thing is our matter of interest. It is difficult because the line to taking snapshots is very thin. Snap-shooters produce pictures, but don’t take photos. Snap- shooters just direct their camera to whatever comes in sight and press the button. The gear is not important for this matter. A snap-shooter with a Leica is still a snap-shooter.

My  street photography focuses on the display of emotions, thus recording the history of people from and emotional point of view.

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  1. […] Street Photography is an art which captures the beauty of the world, the emotions of the people; it is an endless source of fascination. Street photography captures the ebb and flow of people, buildings rising up and falling down, architectural icons, differences found between cities, the similarities found. […]

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