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When people ask me what photography equipment I use – I tell them my eyes

Black and white photography is a gratifying and difficult field of artistic photography. Through black and white photography, Valerii Tkachenko discovers a whole new character in a familiar subject. Black and white landscape photography has a way of letting the viewer really experience the image. He admits in black and white photography, right from the composition to textures and tonal qualities everything is important as the color is absent.

Night-VeniceHe even states, black and white portrait have a completely different impact from the one in color portrait. When color is removed, we are allowed to see into the subject outline, but if we really want to experience a sense of emotion more than we can focus on monochrome. And it’s always a challenge for a photographer to attune their vision into mono when they want to shoot for black and whites.

Belvedere-in-black-and-whiteThe fine photographs of Valerii Tkachenko could be experienced as classy black-and-white in still life’s or grand landscapes. His work will make you know, how passionate he is for black and white photography at first glance only. His monochrome pictures are full of life, and it’s all because of his amazing understanding of lighting and shadows in his photographs. His work has that unique, flawless elegance and confidence which mark him out, who has an ability to create instantly iconic and memorable images.

Grand-Canal-Venice-2Valerii Tkachenko has consistently delivered a very high standard of work. He tells “I love that it’s an art that suits almost any type of photography. Consider it to be a portrait, landscape or architecture. Moreover, it’s even a medium that adapts really well to all lighting situations. Whereas color photography often work best on sunny days or in brightly lit studios, but low light just makes a black and white image moody”

Tkachenko’s work has a distinct personal style. His candid images are striking simply for how easily he can judge the right place and their expressions and engagement with his camera. His black and white images are strong, high contrast, soft, gentle, subtle and powerful. The works of Tkachenko display something nostalgic, or historic.

Take the time to view his truly amazing black and white photography, which truly shows the evidence of his class. Also, share the website and any of my black and white photographs that you like on any social channel you use. So stay in touch with the site to view his new work.

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